Courtesy of Dont Yell at Me

The Place: Dont Yell at Me 

The Drink: Unique tea blends for milk, fruit, and bubble teas 

Locations: The Village at Totem Lake in Kirkland and the U District in Seattle

Dont Yell At Me, a star of the bubble/boba tea world in Taiwan, has locations in Seattle and, more recently, Kirkland. Tucked away on a side street, adjacent to the movie theater at The Village at Totem Lake, the Eastside shop is typically packed with bubble tea aficionados who recognize why Dont Yell At Me stands out among a sea of tapioca-pearled drinks.

The focus really is on the tea, featuring unique blends such as Wintermelon Chrysanthemum and Osmanthus Jasmine, not typically found at other shops. The ingredients are fresh; no artificial syrups or powders are used, offering a more natural and nuanced flavor. The fan favorite is the golden pearl boba/ bubbles, offering a toothier chew. Consider adding the cheese foam, a creamy froth typically made by whipping together cream cheese and milk that offers a satisfying, savory balance to the tea’s sweetness.