Quitting Time: Elysian Brewing

Courtesy of Elysian Brewing

The Place

Elysian Brewing

The Drink

Salt & Seed Watermelon Gose

Where to Purchase It

On draft at its taprooms and available in grocery stores and bottle shops

’Tis the summery season for quality patio time, relaxing with a refreshing beverage in hand and taking in the satisfying sizzles of the grill. In your quest to fill the cooler with seasonal sippers, the limited-edition Salt & Seed Watermelon Gose by Elysian Brewing should be at the top of your craſt beer shopping list. Its distinctive tart, savory flavor will refresh taste buds on a hot day and pairs nicely with the richness of a burger or hot dog, piled high with toppings. Doing a modern riff on the traditional 13th-century salty/sour-style beer originated in the German town of Goslar, Elysian’s gose uses the typical malted wheat for its brewing process and the clever inclusion of Huell Melon hops, a newer varietal noted for its honeydew melon aroma. The addition of watermelon and Kosher salt gives the beer its namesake finishing flavor, and its lower alcohol content (4.3 percent ABV) makes for a super chill brew that lets you relax without forgetting about those burgers on the grill. Hold up — do you smell something burning? Visit Elysian’s website for more details.