Photo by Denise Sakaki

The Business: Tony's Coffee Brew Bags 

The Drink: Single-serve compostable coffee brew bags 

Available at: PCC Community Markets, Whole Foods, and online shopping here.

With office, work-from-home, and school schedules always vulnerable to turning on a dime, we’re living in unpredictable times. It’s tough to stock a household not knowing whether you’ll be in-place or on the go, so products that allow for convenient shortcuts (plus a little eco-friendliness) can be a blessing. Bellingham-based Tony’s Coffee, crowned Roast Magazine’s 2021 Roaster of the Year, released its own version of a quick-brew, single-serve cup of coffee. By eliminating the eco-anxiety of disposable pods in favor of biodegradable packaging (like what tea bags use), Tony’s offers an appealing option for caffeine-loving backpackers as well as office workers adjusting to the new normal.

Unlike the freeze-dried coffee crystal pouches or preflavored pods, these are Tony’s own certified organic and fair-trade coffee beans (its 50th Anniversary Blend or Upland medium roast), ground finely and able to steep in hot water to produce a true cup of coffee within minutes. The coffee is nitrogen-flushed, with the brew bags sealed in individual pouches for freshness. Keep some as an emergency stash in the car to steep in your travel mug on the way to that meeting you forgot wasn’t a Zoom call, or in the pantry when you realize you bought the soy milk but no coffee to go with it, and you really don’t want to change out of those fuzzy PJs this morning.