Courtesy of the Washington State Department of Commerce via Facebook

In collaboration with the Washington State Department of Commerce, the Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC) has put new rules into effect designed to help Washington become more of a green energy state. 

The new rules will assist electric utilities to gradually switch to using clean, renewable energy in compliance with the Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA) that passed in 2019. The goal of the CETA is for Washington to transition completely to clean energy by 2045 by reaching a series of landmark goals.

The UTC and the Department of Commerce have been collaborating since the passage of the CETA to create guidance rules to comply with the CETA that adapt to each other’s needs. They finalized the first set of CETA rules in 2020.

The new set of rules look to ensure electric utilities comply with CETA requirements when buying and trading power. They specify that utilities may use storage devices to manage supply and demand and make sure utilities accurately count how much renewable energy they are providing. 

“These rules are an important step toward ensuring that electric utilities are working actively toward a clean, reliable, and sustainable energy future for Washington,” said UTC Chair David Danner in a statement. “The work isn’t over, but I am confident that by working with our utilities, state government partners, and the public we are well on our way to 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2045.” 

Learn more about the CETA here.