Taran Gujral

Dr. Taran Gujral (standing) and postdoctoral research fellow Dr. Thomas Bello discuss their research in July 2019. Gujral is the first recipient of funding from the new collaborative funding program.

The Washington Research Foundation (WRF) announced that it has awarded an additional $1 million to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center (Fred Hutch) to continue supporting a new collaborative funding program aimed at advancing technologies that can have a significant impact on improving community health.

Last year, WRF and Fred Hutch launched the program. Since then, WRF has awarded two cycles of $750,000 in funding that have supported 11 technology commercialization projects at Fred Hutch with grants between $50,000 and $250,000. WRF has now announced an additional $1 million in funding.

“This program is enabling researchers at Fred Hutch to take their discoveries one step closer to becoming therapeutic products and interventions that could potentially transform how diseases are treated,” said Hilary Hehman, vice president of Business Development at Fred Hutch. “The additional funding from WRF allows us to continue operating the program and supporting researchers who are on the frontlines of innovative science.”

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