Virtue Lab

The Problem:

Humanity is at a tipping point. It’s been a year of record-breaking extreme weather across the globe and we are running out of time to take climate action. But we have hope. We know that human ingenuity and innovation can help solve the climate crisis.

How Impact Investing Can Help:

Without early-stage impact investing, only a small number of entrepreneurs are able to successfully move their climate innovations from the laboratory to the marketplace. VertueLab’s Climate Impact Fund is filling that capital gap and investing in technologies that are reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating a more resilient society.

What You Can Do:

Join us to learn how you can participate in this special impact investing opportunity through VertueLab’s Climate Impact Fund. During the hour-long webinar you’ll learn about the first three companies the Fund has invested in so far, why impact-first investors are choosing to invest in the Climate Impact Fund, and so much more. We’re excited to answer your questions.

Join us as we accelerate the climate startups solving the world’s most important challenges.

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